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Automatically extract the contract data you need for ASC 606 compliance.

Klarity's A.I. reads contracts and extracts information for your business to comply with the new revenue recognition standards in time.

Klarity’s A.I. is faster, more cost efficient, and more accurate than any human.


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World’s leading enterprises rely on Klarity

Salesforce’s legal team has been extremely satisfied with both using Klarity and working with the team. Their product onboarding was seamless and their automated AI solution helped us to greatly reduce the amount of time required to manually review and analyze legal documents.
— David Simon, Senior VP of Intellectual Property at Salesforce
Klarity makes it much easier to negotiate contracts with our clients. Since we started using Klarity, we’ve been able to turn around contracts on the very same day. This speeds up the sales process and saves more than 80% of the time my team previously spent on contract review.
— Mark Kahn, Head of Legal at Segment
Klarity marks-up incoming deal NDAs, so we can spend our time on actual deal work. Klarity’s quick turnaround on the NDA gives us more time to spend evaluating each deal. Not to mention, it boosted the morale of our team too.
— Michael Duffy, VP at MPE Partners

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